Healing  Stone

Somebody who is believing in the healing energy of gemstones will be especially interested on sugilite.

Sugilite is a very important gemstone-attendant. He teach us to be aware of live. People you love sugilite are children of modern times. They belong to a group who decided to be part of supporters for the rebuilding phase in which we are now  (Renate Sperling, "Vom Wesen der Edelsteine").

On a mental level sugilite helps to be aware about the spiritual knowledge to develop the healing resources to balance the physical body (Katrina Raphaell, "Crystal Enlightement").

On a emotional level sugilite can help us to solve old conflicts and overcome fears.

On the physical level sugilite helps to harmonize nerves and brain, in that way he can be a helper on epilepsy, dyslexia and motor problems. He effects pain-relieving even on toothaches (Michael Gienger, "Lexikon der Heilsteine").